Architectural Photography

By Kadesha Ransom. Architectural Photography by Darin Davis

On February 25, 2010, our FNN news crew went to the Newseum, a museum filled with historic facts and current events of the world to learn about architectural photography from professional photographer Alan Karchmer.

Mr. Karchmer told us about what it takes to be an architectural photographer and showed us a special camera that takes great photos of architecture. The camera has a different number of lenses to use for a different sizes of pictures.

I couldn’t see through the lenses, even while standing on my toes, until I had help from one of the guys on our team. After the description, we were able to take pictures with the camera. Then Mr. Karchmer showed us how to “clean up” the pics in the computer using Photoshop so they looked like an architectural picture. Then we packed up and went home. It was cool!

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