The Day I Learned about the Haiti Earthquake

Peacekeeping - MINUSTAH
Peacekeeping - MINUSTAH


May 13, 2011. I attended a pep rally for Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday where  our principal, the dean of students, other teachers and students talked about the earthquake in Haiti.

I was so interested that I said in my head,  "I am going to send $20.00 to Haiti as a donation”.  The people in Haiti might still be suffering and I would love to help.  I would like to  thank  the people who are helping Haiti and mostly, I would like to say thanks to Alicia Keys and Justin Bieber and all the others. I would like to do more to help Haiti but I can’t get down there. Maybe one day it will happen. I will keep praying for Haiti. My school, Friendship Southeast Academy has already helped by having a shoe fundraiser.

If you would like to help Haiti, go to  Anything you can give will make a difference. Donate today!

Destiny Wright is a 4th grader at Friendship Southeast Academy.