The Truth About Wikipedia


February 22, 2012. What is Wikipedia?  It is an online encyclopedia. It was started in 2001. It’s free. It’s one of the Internet’s most-visited web sites. It has more than three million entries. But how accurate is Wikipedia? Some people say Wikipedia is not very accurate. Why?  It’s not written by experts. It’s written by volunteers. Anyone can post entries. Anyone can change entries, too. Sometimes there are mistakes. Many teachers tell students not to use Wikipedia. But Wikipedia leaders disagree. Studies show that Wikipedia is just as accurate as other encyclopedias. What else? They say more teachers are letting students use Wikipedia. I think we should have Wikipedia because when I was in one of my classes we had to look for things and we found every person and thing we had to look for. What do you think? You can post your comment below.

Jaylin Jerry is a 5th grade student at Friendship Woodridge Academy.