Thinking Out Loud


Thinking Out Loud will now be making a post every week. So, no more quiet thinking. Every week from now on, there will be a new awesome post, from me, Skye Webster, speaking my mind.

We all have those moments and sometimes they're awkward, annoying, stressful so I just wanted to tell you some of mine that I think almost everyone can relate to and comment your moments that you have....

-That annoying moment when you think you've aced a test but then you realized how many you got wrong.

-That one in a lifetime moment when your mom lets you get what you want from the store with out arguing. -That awkward moment when you shout out the wrong answer in class with confidence. -That moment when you walk into a spider web and you automatically know karate. -That annoying moment when you realize your spelling mistake after you send the message. -I hate when they ask “why” at the end of a question on a test. -That awkward moment when I'm yelling at someone and mess up a word. -I hate when I'm singing a song on YouTube and then the song stops loading. -That annoying moment when Microsoft tells me I'm spelling my name wrong. -That awesome moment when you beat somebody at a video game, but you're really pressing random buttons. -That walk of shame when you have to put something back in a store after your mom says “No”. -That awesome moment when you walk into McDonald with more than five dollars. - That awkward moment when you're in class and your stomach decides to sound like a dying walrus. -I hate when my parents try to compare their lives as teenagers to mine. -That moment when you're watching a scary movie and the girl trips over nothing.

-That stressful moment when you can't decide what to wear. -That awkward moment when you don't know how to continue a conversation with someone you care about and you just sound boring. -That annoying moment when you can't read your own handwriting. -That anxious moment when you send a risky text message and the person is taking forever to reply. -I hate when I just finished reading a page and I don't remember what I read. -That moment when someone brutally insults you and you have no witty comeback -That annoying moment when someone tells a long story with no point. -That annoying moment when someone interrupts you while your talking. -That one kid in the class who can get the teacher off topic. -That moment when you're trying to open a pack of gum in class without anyone hearing and then everyone turns around with their hand out. -I hate when the loudest person in class tells everyone to shut up. -It's always that person in the class who reminds the teacher that there was homework. -That annoying moment when one side of your headphones stop working. .

Skye Webster is an 8th grader at Friendship Junior Academy Blow Pierce.