Infinity Ward Returns with MW3



Third Times a Charm

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Call of Duty FPS (First-Person Shooter) franchise that has sold millions of copies over a span of 8 years. To be exact, it has sold 55 million copies worldwide which equals to about $3 billion in revenue. Infinity Ward and Treyarch are the main developers for the series, but Infinity has been widely renowned as the creators of the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” trilogy. On November 8th, the latest installment Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty hit the streets with a BANG! Many fans have waited for this release for the last 2 years, and now that it’s come, fans wondered, “Has Infinity Ward finally outdone themselves”?  It’s time to put that fan faith to the test, with a Tabedy run down on not only the game, but it’s “credentials” as well.

Credential I: Did the Cost Outweigh the Benefit?

The answer is, of course, yes. Despite the amount of money and time it took to make MW3, the profit was more than worth it considering MW3 quickly became the most pre-ordered video game of all time.  A week before its release, it had a stunning $3.5 million pre-order total. To top even that stunning fact off, the Xbox 360 pre-orders of MW3 beat the entire pre-order rate of Treyarch’sCall of Duty: Black Ops, released a year before. As of November 15th the game has grossed $400 million and the income is not slowing down.

Credential II: Put your Finger Where the Trigger Is (Gameplay!)

MW3 follows the favorite gameplay of Modern Warfare 2 rather than Blacks Opsminor tweaks. The level cap of prestige has also changed to 80 rather than 50 (Prestige: Restarting to level 1 to unlock a variety new weapons).  If you don’t know how an FPS(First-Person Shooter) is played, just think of first-person point and shoot. Pretty simple gameplay that seems to be forever loved by the world. Killstreaks have changed into 3 different “Strike Packages” that have specified purposes depending on the package. It’s a pretty fair system, but there’s one downfall to it all. The “tactical nuke” has been removed from the series, and for too many, it was a sign of skill and power. A very disappointing downside, but it’s all made up for with the amazing Campaign and the new M.O.A.B (Mass Ordinance Air Blast) 25 Killstreak. Despite the gruesomeness of the second game’s Campaign, it packed a serious story. It was very compelling to play. So for some people, MW3 was bought to finish the amazing campaign story. The story is prepared to “WOW” you as much as possible by bringing all the tension to a stunning conclusive series of events , better known as World War III. It is one of the possible ways that WW3 can actually happen, and that’s why the game is so momentous.  It’s best to go into the Campaign of MW3 knowing how the end of MW2 was, because the game starts straight from there. Even so, the story will still be able to pull amazing reactions from you. You’ll feel all the sadness, anger, sorrow, and dedication as the soldiers on screen. Gameplay is in top form in my opinion.

Is the War Finally Ending?

So now we wonder the single fact of whether or not this is the end of the Modern Warfare saga. In my personal opinion, continuing it from where 3 ended would make it completely repetitive, and I wouldn’t be the only fan who thinks so. The game may be great, but when it comes down to it, it’s not much to work on. Infinity Ward has done some nice stuff, but now it’s time to end the Modern Warfare sub-plot and continue on to Call of Duty 6. But never think for once that the war will end. Until the pay becomes repulsive, Infinity Ward and Treyarch will never stop! Also, remember (Because this is still a school network), viewer discretion is advised.

Adill Tabedy is an 11th grade student at Friendship Academy of Science and Technology in Baltimore.