A Night at the Australian Embassy


On February 23, 2012, a classmate Lamar Penny and I had the opportunity to attend a press briefing and cocktail party at the Embassy of Australia. It was awesome. I saw members of the National Press Club who I had recently met at an earlier event at the home of the ambassador from Nepal. The Embassy of Australia was much bigger than the Embassy of Nepal. It was beautiful. There were big paintings on the walls and the artwork was spectacular.

 This event was hosted by foreign correspondent Eddie Walsh who is the chair of the international division of the National Press Club. Eddie is a cool guy. He introduced me to a couple of colleagues and was the star of the event.

 The purpose of the event was to inform the press about Australia’s foreign policy.  I learned that in November of 2011, the Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard announced her support for the sale of uranium to India which violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty restricting the sale of uranium to countries like India. Selling uranium to India would be illegal and dangerous. 

During the event, I networked with the press and people from the Embassy. It was a great experience and the food was scrumptious. In conclusion going to the Embassy of Australia was exciting, and I felt like I was out in the real world. To be surrounded by people who were interested in my field of choice was cool.

 Nekaiya Wilson is a 2012 graduate of Anacostia High School. She will be attending Benedict College  in Columbia, South Carolina starting Fall 2012.