Killing Over Shoes

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On, Jan 5, 2012, a male teen named Tereek Amir Jacobs was killed at Wheaton Mall over a pair of Jordan Concords. Another male, David Lee Robinson was killed over a pair of Nikes. The news report said that he was standing at a bus stop when a car pulled up and a person asked for David’s shoes. The person in the car fired a gun at David  and took his shoes. A man in Baltimore was stabbed and killed over his shoes. Almost every time a new pair of popular brand name shoes comes out, people either get robbed or shot. In my opinion, killing over shoes is crazy and terrible. Teens getting killed over shoes really upsets me. Shoes aren’t really anything but something to put on your feet. If you want a pair of shoes somebody else is wearing, don’t kill that person over it. Go buy your own! Like it’s getting crazy. I sometimes fear for my brother’s life because he likes to buy those new high-priced shoes like everybody else. Hearing that kids and adults are getting killed over shoes freaks me out.

If I were to change anything, I would change the fact that the shoes could and should be a reasonably priced, so that everybody can afford them. I would also put more shoes in stores so that there could be enough for everybody who wants the shoes. I would write to the companies that make the shoes and ask them, “Is it really worth it to put out shoes knowing kids are losing their lives over them. You all must not care about anything but all the money you all are making. I would inform people that if they just bought a pair of new popular shoes, don’t wear them on the day you bought them. And don’t wear them at night when you walk alone.

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Khadijah Williams is a graduating senior at Anacostia High School and will be attending Central Penn College in the fall of 2012.