My Day with Eddie


Jan 10, 2012. I was on the bus feeling very eager and nervous to get the chance to meet and interview a Friendship Collegiate football star. I thought to myself, “OMG, I really can’t believe I will interview a star!’ The first person I met was Director of Admissions Coach Kenny. In my head I said “I hope he says I can do the interview”. On the elevator I felt so nervous, because he was asking me so many questions—like why I was interested in interviewing this specific star and why I was inspired to do the interview.

When we got upstairs I met Coach Rahim. I think he is one of the greatest high school coaches. I feel that he teaches the team the need for education as well as their good skills on the field. He asked me if I’d rather interview him. I said, “NO.” He thought I was calling him old or something and at that moment I knew that both of the coaches were very funny. Then Coach Rahim volunteered to go get Eddie Goldman!!!

When Eddie came I felt very scared because he is 6’4” tall and so big (300 pounds). I didn’t even know what to say after seeing that image of him. I told him that I’m one of his biggest fans! Eddie has over 55 college scholarships to choose from including five all-time winning football teams such as Alabama, Cal Poly, Clemson, Miami, and Auburn. Alabama is my favorite. But Eddie said that out of those 5 major colleges he would like to go to Cal for a degree in business management as his backup plan.

During the interview I was very nervous. I asked questions about his childhood, academics, sports and college. He got a lot of inspiration from his mother, father and aunt. Eddie is motivated to lead his life a positive way. Eddie has a 3.1 GPA.

I asked him what would it take to be on the next level and become a great football star. He replied, “determination, commitment and mental toughness—meaning belief and confidence to overcome fears on the field.

Well, if you never met your idol and want to, dreams can come true!!

Jarod Ingram is a 6 grade student at Friendship Woodridge Academy. Photo collage by Jarod Ingram