FPCS Poster Contest Winner


The artwork, I would say, contains a wide amount of styles and media. The faces of (from top to bottom) Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and John F. Kennedy make up the majority of the picture and are made up of black outlines that add a sort of “prestigious” or monumental look to the faces. There is plenty of symbolism in this piece. Three languages adorn the picture in total. Arabic (top right) translates to “courage.” It is colored yellow because I believe yellow is a color that represents courage best. In the center left is Chinese for “strength” which is represented by the bold color red, like a volcano. Finally, at the bottom in English is wisdom, which is represented by the color blue. Blue best represents wisdom, almost like the color of an aurora in the tundra. All the three languages together give a sense of togetherness in a multitude of people, cultures, and countries. After all, more than just African Americans and Whites supported the Civil Rights movement.

The sign on the cliff is obvious. It reads, “Shall we continue” going towards a bridge that seems to stretch off into nothingness. The sign may sound as if it is asking a question, but in actuality it is saying it in such a way that it is in fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. The bridge, which has a sense of an uncertain future, is actually connecting to three of the many people who greatly influenced the Civil Rights movement. What many people do not know is that J.F.K. was the president who created many of the laws that supported the movement. The cliff gives off a sense of the end of the movement, yet the Civil Rights movement is continued over the bridge. The “endless sky” symbolizes an endless future that can change in a multitude of ways.

Tyree Staton is a 12th grade student at Collegiate Academy