Dr. Ian Roberts: The Great Leader


This is part of FNN's series, "Black Legends on the Rise" in honor of Black History Month.

February 26, 2013. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a great and wonderful leader?  

Ian Roberts was born a great leader on Dec 18, 1978 in Guyana, South America. Dr. Ian Roberts overcame childhood obstacles, became a successful student and athlete and ultimately attended Harvard University.  He was a teacher for 8 years in Brooklyn NY, and has been a principal for 6 years—first at Friendship Academy of Science and Technology in Baltimore, Maryland and now at The Academies at Anacostia in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Ian Roberts says that he made the best decision in life by choosing Anacostia Senior High School, considered to be one of the worst schools in DC.  Dr. Roberts says that it’s hard to get 100% of the students to come to school. “I lose sleep knowing that students don’t come to school,” he admits. But he also says the best part of being at Anacostia is coming to school every day and communicating with bright and successful students.

Roberts was a great Olympic athlete in 2000. He ran track and field did well in his sport.  His career was cut short when he was tripped up during the games.  So the following year when he went to train, he tore a major muscle in his knee. If he were to give a student athlete advice he would tell them to be a “student first, athlete second.”

Dr. Roberts is now attending Georgetown University to get another degree. He will participate in The Executive Master of Leadership program to receive an Master’s in Business Administration.  He went back to school to obtain credentials necessary to lead students at Anacostia.

Dr. Ian Roberts is a strong leader at The Academies at Anacostia. He will always be a great principal and LEADER.    

Brianna Lee and Monet Warren are freshman at the Academies of Anacostia.