The Life of Stephanie Montalvo

June 6, 2013.  Stephanie Montalvo is a fun person because when I come to her office she lets me get on the computer. Stephanie Montalvo is a hard working person. She does interim and DC-CAS testing. She is one of my heros. She is one of my heros and a type of role model because she says good things about life and me. She doesn't judge anyone.

Stephanie Montalvo was born on May 24, 1983 in New York City. She was raised in Doylestown,PA. Her mom’s name is Helen Montalvo. Her dad’s name is Walter Montalvo. Stephanie moved to Philadelphia while she was growing up. She is now 29 years old. Stephanie lives in Arlington Virginia. She works at Friendship Southeast Academy. She is an Assessment Coordinator, Reading Intervention Specialist and Saturday Learning Camp Principal.Her partner is Dr.Uy. She started to work here in 2012 this school year on August 27, 2012.

Sean Beach is a 4th grade student at Friendship Southeast Academy.