Future Engineers

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JAN. 7, 2014.  Hi. Our names are Jamia Hill and Anyia Wallace. On November 9th, 2013, girls in grades 6-8 at Chamberlain were invited to attend a conference given by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). Many Chamberlain girls went to the conference called Fix-it/Build-it Conference given by SWE at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Future engineers who attended include Jamia Hill, Anyia, Azzah Gant, Simone Stringfellow, Trenaja Wright, Dayonna Calloway, Darshala McPaul, Kaijah Howe, Breene Read, Rebekah Beverly, Ashley Davis and Mylah Williams. Teachers included Ms. Blanford, Ms. Scaringi. and Mr. Powell. Other girls and teachers from Friendship schools were present.

When we got to the Convention Center we learned how to build things that engineers invented. There were many booths and a large expo that had information on fun engineering activities such as building robots, filled an entire room. We were invited to invent and build many things. One of the things we engineered was a DNA model using gummybears and twizzlers. Also, we built a dance pad that lights up using cardboard and a circuit. We had so much fun building and learning different things!

Anyia Wallace, Jamia Hill and Darshala McPaul are 7th grade students at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.