The Yes! Organic Market in Capitol Hill

yes organic market.jpg


JAN. 9, 2014.  On Monday December 9th, 2013, FNN took a field trip to Yes Organic Market. We walked from Chamberlain to the grocery store. The Capitol Hill shop donated a 50.00 gift card to us and we went shopping for the holiday baskets that Ms. Venable organizes.

During the Field trip we learned about organic and healthy food. All organic food has a sticker that is a circle on it and says “USDA Organic”.  Yes Organic Market has more organic food than stores like Giant and Harris Teeter. You can learn more about Healthy and Organic Foods at this site, and

In the store we saw a small bakery area with brownies and cookies, a couple of isles of food and fresh fruit and vegetables. It is different from other stores like Giant and Safeway because of the larger organic and healthy food choices.  

FNN students each picked out one item for the gift baskets. Items include Almond Milk, Rice, Oatmeal, crackers, pretzels, soups, canned food, tea, pasta and much more. We tried the all natural cookies and they tasted delicious. It was surprising. I had no idea it would taste so good. The cookies were better than Chips Ahoy.

It was very special for us to receive a gift card from Yes Organic Market. I love the way they support our community. They welcomed our large group of kids into the store and showed their support for the Chamberlain Community.

It was a fun adventure! I would recommend shopping there again.

Enya Hunter is a 5th grade student at Friendship Chamberlain Academy