Impact Day


JUNE 12, 2014. On June 6th, 2014, Chamberlain students were invited to be part of the “Impact Day” program sponsored by Deloitte. The purpose of this day is to learn about STEM, STEM careers and how professionals like the Deloitte volunteers use STEM everyday as part of their job. We heard about Deloitte Digital and Dash.

Several students who participated were interviewed about their experiences with Impact Day. Here is what they said:

"We learned how to make a website using codes. Also we learned about how we would plan to make a bridge by planning what were going to do”.

“ The thing I like about it was both activities because they were very interesting and fun.We had tape, corn holders, boxes, stars, crayons and paper to build a bridge. It was so strong it held up to 80 pounds. “ 

Azzah Gant

“ I learned many things about coding. Code is for background color, how to put an image on a website, what dash is, what RGBA is in code,

what http means and how to make certain hues.” 

Janai Yard

In the beginning we met a group of volunteers who spoke to us for a few minutes about STEM careers. We worked as a group and completed an island survivor activity where you have 15 items and you have to order from least importance to most importance.

After this activity, we chose partners and did a coding activity using DASH During this activity we were to apply code to meet the objectives chosen by people to help them in their business, blog, or website. My partner and I almost finished the whole coding activity and will continue to add to it over the summer. Finally we competed a building bridges activity.

Overall this was a nice experience for me and the other students. The reason for this cause is to make students aware of how cool STEM careers really are. In fact HTML coding is really easy once you get the hang of things.

Aaron Spruill and Darsheala McPaul are seventh grade scholars at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.