Blow Pierce SGA Election Results

SGA Election.png


In early September, our teacher informed us about the Student Government Association (SGA) this year at Blow Pierce. The SGA helps share students' ideas, interests, and concerns with teacher and school principals. There would be elected officers for grades 5-8. In order to participate, students needed a signature or recommendation from their parent, advisory teacher, or another school staff.

Elections are not a popularity contest. They're an opportunity to share your good ideas and also show that you can also learn too.  Jordan Hunter, a 6th Grader, said, “President Obama is my inspiration to run for Class Senator.”  I ran because I was a new student and I wanted to change the image of the school. Even though I lost, I stood calm and held my head up high because I will always know there is next year.

In each middle school advisory, students wanted a chance to be elected as the representative for their grade. Students began campaigning by putting up posters with their campaign slogans. Special planning meetings were held for the candidates to write speeches, debate, and organize the big event.

Competition was tough for the candidates. Some students simply didn't do well with their speeches. Speaking in a room full of peers takes a lot of confidence. Everyone watching you can make you nervous. This was a chance to show what the candidates' ideas would be once they are elected.    

Give a big applause to all the winners of the 2013-14 Blow Pierce SGA Election. The class officers are: Sadeeqa Shahbaaz, School President; Chyanne Henley, Vice President; Deshala Williams, Secretary; and class Senators Takiya Slaughter (7th), Hye King Alexander (5th), Zion McCall (5th); Jordan Hunter (6th), Ronique West (6th) Antonia Brewer (6th) and Dijon Kerns (7th). 

Anaera Burns is a student at Blow Pierce Jr. Academy.