Chamberlain Robotics Visits George Washington University

chamberlain visits GW.png


Our Robotics/FNN team’s visit to GWU on October 11, 2013 was very exciting! We had a nice time and our guide Mr. Rone was very energetic and informative. He showed us the Robotics and Mechatronic Lab in the GWU Engineering building. The two special projects in the lab and his current robot were very inspiring to us. We liked seeing and hearing about the robots and he answered our questions to their fullest. He also gave our robotics team advice on how to making bigger and better robots.

The day was a great experience for our robotics team because we got to learn a lot about R.A.S. We also got to see a new robot. It moved like a spider and was responsive to orange. We thought it was cool that the robot was controlled by a PlayStation 2 controller.

One of our members asked a question. It was “When was the GWU robotics lab built?” He said that the lab was built around 2000. That was the year most of us were born. What a coincidence, right? He let us touch the robots and we greatly appreciated it!

This experience was a great one and makes us all proud to be on the FNN/Robotics team.        

Joseph Butler, Jalen Green and Larry White are 8th grade students at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.