Four Clubs In Action


At Friendship Tech Prep we have multiple clubs. These clubs all offer different activities to students. Titans can learn respect for themselves, their community and others in these clubs. 

The first club is Girls Empowerment. I interviewed Ms.Dunn to get  information on what the group teaches young ladies. During the interview Ms.Dunn told me the purpose of Girls Empowerment is to give give high school an opportunity to organize, lead, and work with other young women to better our community.

Girls Empowerment also contributes to young ladies’ lives by dealing with issues affecting high school girls living in Southeast DC, as well as social and academic issues. It is important for young ladies to learn these skills and to have a space to talk about problems and give their free opinions.

It’s also  important for young men to have the same kind of space for freedom to improve themselves. Men of Valor taught by Mr.Collazo shows young men to be effective leaders in school, public spaces and at home. These skills will be necessary for young men as they grow older. Men of Valor gives young men a chance to learn kindness and respect through round table discussions and presentations.

The next club gives students a way to express themselves in a unique way. The Friendship Tech Prep Step Team lets young adults tell a story with motion and sound. This gives students a way to have freedom and to have fun. Students can release emotions through the motion of the hands and feet. Everyone has a story to tell and the step team will be sure to tell theirs on January 11, 2013 at the Friendship Showcase.

The last club is one that gets students up and active. Crossfit lets student work hard to feel, look and eat better. It also gives students a chance to gain leadership. In Crossfit students cheer each other on as they train for events. Each student should try to be healthy and go for Crossfit.   

Look into each club with an open mind. You could join these clubs to be inspired by what you learn and to apply it to your daily life.

Katrina Smith is a sophomore and Michael Wood is a junior at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.