Titans Beat Thurgood with Fire

Titians vs Thurgood.jpg


JAN. 7, 2014.  There are high hopes for the upcoming Tech Prep basketball season. Failures in the past have given Tech Prep a bad reputation in sports. But this year is a new beginning, a change in culture, if you will. We as a team believe that we can be successful on and off the court. By preparing months before the season kicked off, we’ve had time to grow as a unit. We didn't have this time in previous years which leads me to believe that it can only benefit us.  

Coaches (James, Ernest, and Bruce Jenkins, along with Brad Hartley) have put a great emphasis on moving forward from the past. This has included orders for new adidas uniforms. We are also placing orders for new sweatsuits and shoes that we can wear on game days to show our unity and pride.

All of this change has resulted in Tech Prep’s first win in 2 years against Thurgood Marshall Academy. The final score was 48 to 37.  Kalynn Galloway scored a majority of the points, followed by Eric King. This of course wouldn’t have been possible without great guard play from Alex Lemons and Paris White and great role play from the likes of Aneenas Davis and K’Vonte Petty.

In the end it was an overall team effort to get this win, and as a team we need support from those who attend our school. Show some pride, come to the games and watch us grow!

Eric King is a sophomore at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.