A Big Taste of Something

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2013. Recently a book was released made by students from the Baltimore, MD Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology. The book called, “A Little Taste of Different” contained six interesting stories of the supernatural and gore. Each story was original in its own way, and I was impressed to see that they were written by students.

Out of the six, my favorite story has to be “The Blue Rose” by Jesse Hubbard. The story is about a zombie breakout caused by a man taking an unknown drug is passed on by rational zombie events—biting, scratching and so forth. I wasn't too hooked into the cause of the zombie outbreak, but as the story goes along, you have two scientists who are former zombie killers and a limited group of police defending the human race it gets quite interesting. My major love of the story is in the end when there is a twist, as it was already given to you by accident, it is still shocking and gives you a cliffhanger feeling —which is what I find in every good story.

A tie for first place with “The Blue Rose” has to be “The Pandemic” by Robert Cannon. As the first story of the book it gives you a welcoming feeling into the book with its Anime. Well written and thought out, a goofy Casanova-like teenager who discovers that his school’s janitor, principal and security guard have been killed and turned into zombies after he is sent to the principal’s office for misbehavior. After kicking a few zombie butts and saving most of his friends and little sister on the way, it's a classic tale of your wannabe 'cool guy' turned into an accidental hero. Also, leaving you off with a cliffhanger as the story suggest a part 2 with a minor character.

Overall, the book was good but the cover turned out to be very misleading, the cover showed a reference to a Hershey bar, which is really irrelevant to the topic. The cover is original and all--with the candy wrapper and the nutrients and teen-rated icons but for the book to be about horror, and future and and zombie stories doesn't go to well, The title is pretty misleading as well. As far the stories go, I give it a B+ and cover wise eh, a C.

Tell your readers where they can get the book and how much it costs.

Marcel Gallion is a sophomore in the FNN Summer Program at Friendship Collegiate Academy.