I Am Black History: Michael Jordan

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FNN CELEBRATES BLACK HISTORY: FEB. 19, 2014. “Believe in yourself, have a sense of pride, and the world is yours. If you fail, get back up and just keep on trying over and over until you succeed.” --Elijah McFadden

My inspiration is Michael Jordan. He is the best basketball player of all time. He inspired me to play basketball because I like to WIN and accomplish my goals. He took the 1988 Chicago Bulls to the championship six time back to back. He was known for making shots when they counted. When the game was tied, he would step up and make that shot to win the ball game. He didn’t have a problem with carrying the team on his back, but without his team, he wouldn’t be the best player of all time. Without being a team player, Michael Jordan would not have gotten six championships. Mike couldn’t win all 82 games by himself.

He is also famous for his shoes too. Michael Jordan is known for sponsoring his own shoe brand. He also has some shoes out called "Jordan 6 Rings" to tell the people around the world how many championship rings he won as a basketball player.

Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship as a rookie. As soon as he left college, he was drafted into the NBA. He lead the Chicago Bulls to the championship in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Michael Jordan is a powerful Black man. His accomplishments help me to understand that when I try hard enough, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Elijah McFadden is an eighth grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.