Watch the video, read poems and tips from FNN Tech Prep and Southeast reporters Alaya Barnett, De’Nyjah Griffin, Jamakkah Thompson, Demeria Griffin, Christine Bryant and Kayla Clemons. Thank you to Friendship Cares teachers and Desiree Girelle, FNN Outreach Coordinator.

MARCH 20, 2014

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Look around the corner and you will see


Counting down ….

Wait I'm not ready!

Lets talk.

Well do you have a personal goal?

Yes, I would like to be an athlete,

but I will never get there with my grades.

Awwwwwww here’s a HUG.

What’s that gonna help?

No one can get through life without a few of them . . .

H- Help

U- U

G- Grow

Do you think you can get where you want in life without studying?

What is your mindset, are you a “Fixed” or a “Growth”?

Fixed: Do you seem to blame others for your failures?

Growth: Do you like to learn from your loses?

Sometimes being a “Fixed” affects your studying.

So, do you wanna fix your mindset?

Or, do you wanna grow your mindset?

Want some exciting tips to study hard?

You can have a little fun with it!

1. Watch videos that are entertaining but educational—videos that might help you memorize your work.

2. Make a rap song. to memorize facts in your head.

3. Eat nutritious food like nuts, seeds, lean meat, and fruit. Leafy veggies gives you B vitamins.

4. Get your rest, and power naps—less than 30 minutes is all you might need. Get plenty of exercise - dance, fast walk, it lets you relax, focus your thoughts better, clear your mind and gets your juices running. Study with a friend. Get more help from peers in a way that you understand.

Love to snack, eat some nutritious foods like nuts, seeds, lean meats, and fruit. Don’t forget leafy veggies give your brain the fuel it need to keep going.





Your job is to be a student. Are you doing your job or will you get fired from the world? Let’s get HYPE!

Jamakkah Thompson and Demeria Griffin are 3rd grade students at Friendship Southeast Academy. Christine Bryant and Kayla Clemons are 4th grade student at Friendship Southeast Academy. De’Nyjah Griffin is a 6th grade student at Friendship Tech Prep Academy. Alaya Barnett is a 7th grade student at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.