Are We Really Post Racial?


APRIL, 29, 2014.  Post racial is a term that is used to describe a time period in which discussions around race and racism have been deemed no longer relevant, according to Urban Dictionary.

Do you think our generation is post racial? Well, I am going to answer for you. I believe that the majority of this generation is not post racial. I say this because we have some people in this world who don’t seem to have a problem with differing races. Then you have some people who have a problem with any and every race besides their own. Am I Post Racial? “No, I am not post racial.” I have no problem with any race that lives on this earth and I believe that we should all live in happiness with equality. I am very social and love to meet new people.

In a recent article I read from The New York Times, racism is still a big deal in America. Though it isn’t as noticeable as during the civil rights movement, we still have it, though maybe not too immensely. I know the Klu Klux Klan is still active because in Boca Raton, Florida, a man raised a KKK flag in his front yard to seek new members. Even though this man has his rights, this symbolizes negativity towards African Americans. The man in Florida is just one example of how we could use his action to discuss or revisit racism in my classroom. Again, I restate my position: I am not post racial but we still need to talk about it, and we need to forgive so we can live more peacefully.

I know two facts on racism in America: some people are racist and some people are not. I would like to get the world down to one: racism obscured from America.

Leiloni King is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Junior Academy.