The Mayor Visits Chamberlain

Mayor visits chamberlain.png

Story by Aze Allen, TiAsia Allen, Jalyn Green, Duane Whitmen, Kenne’de Banks and Joseph Butler. Photo by Jason Green.  Audio Interview by Jalyn Wright

On October 10, 2013, Mayor Gray visited Chamberlain to hold a town meeting about the government shutdown and its impact on our community. It was held in the auditorium.

While at the meeting we realized a lot of things that resulted because of the shutdown. If this “money crisis” keeps up, then sooner or later metro and schools could start closing.

This was an important meeting because it gave us an opportunity to hear news about the government shutdown and how it would impact the DC community and all government workers in the US.   

It was very nice to meet Mayor Gray. He asked FNN students to take a picture with him. We got to hear from an educated local member of the community who cares about the community.

Ms. Allen, (a parent of FNN writers TiAsia and Aze Allen) was interviewed for TV. She was interviewed about the crisis and her thoughts. After that night and early that next morning, friends called Ms. Allen saying that they saw her on the news. Customers at Harris Teeter stopped to tell her that they saw her on the news.

When Mayor Gray said ‘’free DC’’ it really caught our attention at the town hall meeting. We really like what he was saying about ways to solve the government shut down. Click below to hear more about what he had to say.

Aze Allen, Jalyn Green, Duane Whitmen and Joseph Butler are 8th graders: Jalyn Wright and TiAsia Allen  are 7th graders; Jason Green is a 6th grader and Kenne’de Banks is a fifth grader Friendship Chamberlain Academy..