Thursday, April 10th: Rush to the Plane

Travel journals and photography by FNN Collegiate and Tech Prep reporters Katherine Hunter, Rhonea Long, Katrina Smith, Noel Spencer, Stephanie Spencer and Jonay Veney.

We arrived at Dulles airport within minutes of boarding our flight! We rushed through luggage check-in and headed to the security line. We battled our way to the front of the line, only to find ourselves yet in another line and still waiting to get through security! We finally make it to the gate, board our plane and six hours later, we are in San Diego, California.

- Noel Spencer

We landed tonight at 9:00. On the plane my ears were ringing very badly and it was very irritating. The view was very beautiful and it was an exciting first experience. We went in the airport and checked our things.

On the way to the Hilton hotel we saw some pretty sites. One of those sites was the San Diego stadium and luminescent lights.

I was stunned by the lights and eager to go free in the streets of San Diego. My imagination went wild with all possibilities of the fun. I am going to have fun in the city of San Diego. So we arrived at the Hilton hotel and it was beautiful. It was a very scenic moment. And I felt it was the best sight I’ve seen so far. The Hilton hotel was breathtaking on the inside as well. There were giant blue linen spheres hanging from the lobby. The lobby was crowded and it took forever to get in the elevators.

- Katherine Hunter