Technology In Your Future


MARCH 20, 2014.  On February 10-14, 2014, the 11th graders at Friendship Technology Preparatory Academy attended a college tour in Massachusetts. The college tour included University of Massachusetts, Harvard University, Curry College, MIT and Suffolk University.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as M.I.T, was one of the coolest colleges the 11th grade students at Friendship Tech Prep visited while in Boston. This was a very expensive school to attend, costing about $60,000/year, but it’s worth it because the school is awesome. The classrooms are designed to fit small amounts of students. Students are able to get one on one instruction with professors. Also, so many opportunities come out of attending M.I.T university.

One thing that really drew me in about M.I.T was their museum. Inside of their museum were many different inventions and projects by people who attended M.I.T. The museum is one of many with holograms inside of them. There were some celebrity holograms and there were some illuminated holograms. Holography is a technique which enables three-dimensional images (holograms) to be made. I loved that mostly everything in the museum was hands-on and I was able to try it out for myself. We got the chance to play video games that people who attended M.I.T created.

M.I.T is a great school to attend and you shouldn’t close it out of your view just because of the tuition and cost. It will all be worth it in the end.

Rydia Wright is an 11th grade student at Friendship Technology Preparatory Academy.