Is there a limit on existence?




So why should there be one on me?

Am I too much for you?


You can't handle what’s given?

Or what I have?


Is it that hard to make up your mind inside that so called cerebral cortex of yours’?

Go ahead and reply with a confused "No" and not a firm "Yes"

*Shaking My Head*

Ok I'll give you the condensed version of me

Are you listening....?

I'm the thoughts that escape your mind

....Not like you have that many up there anyway

The feelings you wish you understood

....Never seemed to care about mine

And the emotions that can never be controlled

....Got so sick and tired of bobbing and times ducking

I just remain on the floor

Maybe one day you'll stop swinging

Maybe one day you'll realize I'm the seed you produced and not your punching bag

Can you put a limit on that??