Love’s Confusing Ways

Poetry by Simone Wimbush.

Sometimes your true love just needs a sign.

A sign that I am there for you and you can tell me anything.

A sign thats says I know you love me and I love you.

A sign that explains I am ready for you if you are—but sometimes we start to lose that great connection.

Like a fading away life, slowly dying like a starving man.

Sometimes we feel like our true love is love pushing us away but the real question is… Am I pushing the true love away?

Love is not real.

When is it real?

Who can I trust?

When can I love?

Who should we trust?

Who am I?

Who are you?

I am who?  

Love can distract you from succeeding in life or either guide you in the right direction.

Love can break your heart and fix it again.

If you allow someone to come into your life, make sure that he/she is truly the one you want to give your whole heart to.

Who is really true?

Who tells the truth all the time?

Who can help you find who you are?

Why does love act the way it do?  

Simone Wimbush is an 11th grade student at Friendship Collegiate Academy.