A Tragedy Close to Home: When a person believes the world is against him and kills

Virginia Tech Memorial On April 16th many lives were lost in a horrible massacre. How did this happen? On April 16th around 7am, a gunman was reported to be on the Campus of Virginia Tech. Everyone was alerted that there had been a shooting, but no one was told two people had been shot and killed. The police and the president of Virginia Tech decided not to close school. But that turned out to be a horrible idea. Two hours later the massacre began. A gunman chained the doors of Norris Hall and went on his shooting spree. In the end 32 people were shot and killed and the gunman shot himself. The gunman was identified as Cho Seung Hui, an English major from South Korea. His professors said he was very depressed and he was a “loner”. One of his professors was concerned about her student’s safety long before this massacre occurred. She said Cho’s writings in her English class were disturbing. Many people are asking how could this happen to such young and hopeful people in a matter of minutes. Could this have been prevented and who is to blame?

I think no one could have predicted a tragedy like this. This was a crime committed by a depressed young man who thought the world was against him. I think this is so sad and I pray for all the families and friends of the victims. I think it’s amazing how easy it is to get a gun in Virginia and maybe if it weren’t so easy to get a gun, all the victims of Cho’s rampage would still be alive. It’s sad that the place you think is safe ends up to be the place where you are killed. I don’t think anyone could have prevented this. Many lives were lost…and many dreams were lost. The lives that were taken could have been the lives of some of the future’s most important people in the world. I know it will be hard for all the people affected by this massacre to cope with all the deaths. I want to honor the lives of the 32 brave people who lost their lives. I will always remember them and admire them.