Friendship News Network Reporters Reflect on MLK’s Legacy and American Politics

Forty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Friendship News Network reporters reflect on the reverend’s legacy and its impact on American politics as a presidential election nears.

"When King made his famous “I Have a Dream” speech no one would have ever thought that we would be this close to having a black president. But now in 2008 we are on the brink of seeing that vision become a reality."

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"People have always talked about having a black president, but they never thought it could get this close."

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"I believe Dr. King never put a color on anyone because we are all human beings. I believe his dream is still alive because today there is a black male candidate and a women running for president."

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"Some people believe that the assassin, James Earl Ray killed the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. I think that because of the assassination the dream was not only fulfilled, but made much stronger."

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"James Ray tried to kill King’s Dream, but it didn’t work. Now, forty years later, one of the front-runners for president is Barack Obama, a black man."

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"I believe that the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. made his dream stronger because today kids of different races can go to the same school. Also, the followers of Martin Luther King Jr. have made his dream stronger and tried to get rid of racism to bring people together."

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"Once you kill a leader, it might bring down others and make them lose hope but when Dr. King was assassinated, everyone still stood with Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream."

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"I believe that when James Earl Ray assassinated Dr. King, King’s Dream became stronger because it made blacks think that it was time to take a stand and fight for what they wanted… which was exactly what they did. I think that Dr. King’s dream lives on in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama."

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"These candidates have chosen to make history and show that not just any black person or woman can be a good president, but anyone may have a chance to change the situations that we face economically, politically and socially."

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"The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King made the dream better because even though he was dead the dream moved on through the people."

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"When King died, people started to believe even more in what King did."

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"To me Barack Obama would be a good president—not just because he is black but because he wants to make changes in the community."

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