FNN Students Ask Obama

by Caanan Walker, Karlton Chapman, Nina Graham, Jalen Ferguson, Erin Smith and Maurice Williams In October 2008, MTV invited FNN students to participate in a nationwide online interview with then President-elect, Barack Obama. Each student was allowed to ask Obama a question on an issue important to teens. Now that he's been in office for over a year, do you think Obama has addressed these issues? Watch what each student asked. Then you can write your comments.

Caanan Walker on Racial Profiling [flashvideo file=assets/video/FNN-Students-Ask-Obama-Caanan-Walker.flv image=assets/images/FNNStudentsAskObama1.jpg /]

Shaquanda Noble on The Working Poor [flashvideo file=assets/video/FNN-Students-Ask-Obama-Shaquanda-Noble.flv image=assets/images/FNNStudentsAskObama2.jpg /]

Karlton Chapman on Gay Rights (coming soon!)

Nina Graham on Bush War Crimes (coming soon!)

Jalen Ferguson on Obama's Personal Life [flashvideo file=assets/video/FNN-Students-Ask-Obama-Jalen-Ferguson.flv image=assets/images/FNNStudentsAskObama3.jpg /]

Erin Smith Wants to Know What He'll Do First [flashvideo file=assets/video/FNN-Students-Ask-Obama-Erin-Smith.flv image=assets/images/FNNStudentsAskObama4.jpg /]

Maurice Williams [flashvideo file=assets/video/FNN-Students-Ask-Obama-Maurice-Williams.flv image=assets/images/FNNStudentsAskObama5.jpg /]