Harder Than Steel: A Review of the Bodies Exhibition

Arnasha Jones with assistance from reporters Paulette Lewis, Ceyanne Foye, Da'Vaughn Hawkins and Randyn Fullard

Buckle up for an amazing experience because this article will take you on an adventure to Bodies: The Exhibition in Rosslyn VA, a display that shows the inside of real human bodies. And we’ll tell what our Rated-T news team found out when we were there. We will also tell you what we did and didn’t like.

In the Bodies Exhibition, there is a lot that can be learned about your body. The Exhibition was disgusting, but interesting at the same time. Our Rated-T news team thought the most disgusting parts of the exhibition were male and female private parts, the lungs of a smoking person (they looked slimy and black) and the skin (it looked like a piece of meat). But other things were interesting. For instance, when you want to move your arm, leg or anything in your body, your brain will send a signal though your nervous system to that part of the body to make that part move. We thought the most interesting information we learned was that humans have about 60,000 miles of blood vessels and that muscles give our bodies much of their shape. Other things that were interesting were the models of the blood vessels.

We recommend The Bodies Exhibition to all students around the world. We also recommend that schools fly out here to Virginia so they can take a tour. We think that kids should know what they have in their bodies and how they function. The Bodies Exhibition shows not only kids, but people of all ages what kind of organs and things in your body. So yes, I will recommend it to all kids across the country.