Reader’s Rush—A Book Review on Sugar Rush: Love’s Liberation by Yolonda D. Coleman

Author of Sugar Rush: Love's Liberation and former teacher at Friendship Collegiate Academy

Author of Sugar Rush: Love's Liberation and former teacher at Friendship Collegiate Academy


Sugar Rush: Love’s Liberation written by outstanding author Yolonda D. Coleman is a must-have. She tells a story of love and finding what and who makes you truly happy. In this black fiction novel, the main character, Darlene Hunter affectionately called “Dolly” by family and friends has had her heart ripped out and served back to her stone cold. Her closest friends jokingly call her “Spider Woman”, referring to the way that she now handles men. And in her defense, she reminds her friends that “all a man can do for me is wine me, dine me, romance me and leave me alone”. But, who would have thought one night could change it all?

Gerald “Blacksax” Washington is this cool saxophone-playing cat who is mesmerized by Dolly’s beauty when he sees her one night at the jazz club where he performs. Dolly, who finds herself interested in him, engages him in a little note-passing. They would leave notes for each other with the bartender.

With that and a little encounter outside of the club, love begins to take its course. They spend most of their time together and when they are away from each other, they stay in contact through e-mail and phone calls. Dolly’s friends have to admit that this was a side of her that they hadn’t seen in a long time. Before and after his sets at the club Gerald gets teased about his new found love. But neither Dolly nor Gerald care. As long as they got each other their love will get them through anything.

This is a good love story. Yolonda D. Coleman sets her book apart from any other urban fiction novel out there by not including any sex even though it is a love story. I also believe that it is a good book for teens to read even though it was meant for adults. If you look around we really don’t have examples of good classic love. Coleman gives you that classic love feeling in a story set in the 21st century.

You should really go out and get the book. It was so good that I read it in 2-1/2 days. I enjoyed it and I know you will too. This book really lives up to its title. You will get a rush! Happy Readings!!!