The Death of Yolanda Denise King

Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter Yolanda King


On Tuesday May 15th in Santa Monica, California, Yolanda Denise King, daughter of Martin Luther King died. She was 51. Doctors and friends said that she died of cancer and a stroke. Friends and family reported Yolanda might have been having heart problems. She was born November 17, 1955. Her nickname was Yoki. Yolanda was a board member of The King Center. She was only seven when her father was assassinated. She earned her master’s degree in theatre at New York University. Former Mayor Andrew Young, who has been close to the family since her father died, said Yolanda was on her way over to her brother Dexter’s house when she collapsed in the doorway. Her death came less than a half-year after her mother, Coretta Scott King’s death. She is still remembered today by many people, especially at the King Center. Her death affects me because it reminds me how much she did during those years she was living and she did so much for people with cancer.