The Most Influential Person of 2007

Tom Anderson, Founder of MySpace: The Most Influential Person of 2007

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson, who is the founder of MySpace.


I think that Tom Anderson is the most influential person of 2007 because he is the founder of MySpace, the best communication website ever. He founded it with Chris DeWolfe. In one of the newly created MySpace accounts, Tom is the “default friend”. As of May, 2007, Tom already had 179 million friends on MySpace. Tom attended the University of California, Berkeley from 1994 to 1998, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and English. From 1999 to 2000, he attended University of California, Los Angeles and graduated with a Master’s degree in film and critical studies. In 2003, he and a few computer programmers set up the first pages of MySpace and the site grew and grew from there. Currently, MySpace is the most popular social networking website on the Internet. The reason I think that MySpace is the most popular website on the Internet is because it’s the best place you can go to talk to friends around the world.