A Stronger Dream: MLK’s Legacy and American Politics


Some people believe that the assassin, James Earl Ray killed the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. I think that because of the assassination the dream was not only fulfilled, but made much stronger. The death of a black man who only wanted everyone to be equal–no matter the color, gender or financial status–made everyone realize that it’s foolish to be segregated, and that we all should love each other as if we were brothers and sisters. The 2008 election ties into the idea, because a white woman and a black man are running for president. During Dr. King’s life, this wasn’t possible at all. Many black people weren’t even able to vote.

Some people state that if Obama wins, he will be assassinated, like Dr.King, but I think that society learned from James Earl Ray’s mistake. Most people are ready for a change, so I think that the a white woman as well as a black man could very well accepted as president of the United States.