MLK's Legacy and American Politics


Clinton and Obama Aren’t Afraid of a Fight: MLK’s Legacy and American Politics.  

James Earl Ray tried to sabotage Martin Luther King’s dream. Ray believed by destroying King’s dream he could prevent blacks from becoming the future and being the successes that we are today. I believe that when James Earl Ray assassinated Dr. King, King’s dream became stronger because it made blacks think that it was time to take a stand and fight for what they wanted... which was exactly what they did. I think that Dr. King’s dream lives on in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Barack Obama has devoted his life to public service by being a community organizer and a civil rights attorney. Dr. King’s dream lives on in Hillary Clinton because she has promised to bring universal healthcare to every American among other things. So not only does Dr. King’s dream live inside of America’s two presidential candidates, but they prove this by what they plan to give America.

I think there is a very strong possibility that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could get assassinated because even though Dr. King fought to end racism and segregation, these two problems still exist today. There are still Caucasian people who believe in racism and segregation. I know this because I’ve experienced it before. When I was in the mall and my little sister bumped into a Caucasian woman, even though my sister said “sorry,” the lady walked off using the “N” word.

I think Hillary Clinton is a target for assassination because she is a very strong and determined women who can speak up for herself and is not afraid of a fight. At the same time, I think that some people don’t want women to be in charge, even though she’s the kind of woman that knows how to get things done. I think Barack Obama is a target for assassination because he is a very intelligent black man and some people might think if they can’t out smart him, then kill him. All this being said, I believe that Dr. King’s dream still lives on in the two presidential candidates... Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.