The Day I Met Jennifer Hudson


January 15, 2012. I was once a part of an exercise program called Joey and the Butterflies. It’s basically for childhood obesity. My mom told me that she got a call from the school saying that I was selected to participate in a field trip about Weight Watchers.  The school was going to get $10,000 and it was going to be at the National Press Building.  The special part about it was that Jennifer Hudson was going to give it to us and I was one of the ones to receive it!  I was so excited I didn’t know what to say!  I was speechless!

On the day that we went, I printed the story I wrote about her for FNN in the Rated-T magazine so that I could have an autographed copy and she could have a copy. On the way to the National Press Building, the adults that were with us (Ms.Isbell and Ms.Whitemyer) asked my fellow students (Keith, Jaden and Sean) and me about how excited we were. Everyone looked at me and said, "she's the most excited".  If you made a scale of how excited everyone was,  it would go like this: Destiny, Ms. Isbell, Ms.Whitmeyer, Sean, Jaden and Keith.

First we went to the press conference room. If we went straight to the winner’s room we would have to wait a long time until Jennifer Hudson came. Before everything started we took a picture together.  When we got our seats we were eating our snacks, but I couldn’t focus on eating.  I was looking at the doors to see when Jennifer was going to come out. When she came out it was like my heart was taken away. I couldn’t say anything!  The boys asked "you want to scream don’t you?" I said, ‘"YEAH!"  It was awesome.  During the press conference, we all sat in the same room, but I don’t know if anyone was listening to what was going on, because Jennifer was there. I was listening, but I was mostly thinking about what to say to her. I was nervous. I was saying to myself "what if she doesn’t like me ?"  "What if I pass out?".   I was so scared, I could be a DOUBLE 10 on a scale of 1-10. That’s super crazy. When the press conference was over, we went straight to the winner’s room. I was looking behind me, bumping into people, losing my balance, just freaking out.  The principal of our school said,  "When Jennifer comes in, don’t be nervous just act like she is a regular person." But I was looking at the door so I could see her when she came in. I couldn’t take the smile off my face. Mr. Speight, said "Destiny you are truly excited". I couldn’t stop laughing, smiling or crying.   I thought that moment couldn’t get better. But it did. Then I heard someone coming. I tried to calm myself cause at that moment she walked in. When we were all ready to take the picture with the $10,000 check in our hands, Jennifer said "I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you guys are so cute." as she mostly looked at me.  We took the pictures and then we asked questions. Jennifer went first. She asked us how old we are and before anyone got to say anything, I said, "IM TEN YEARS OLD!" really loud.

Everyone said, ‘’Wow, it is awesome". Then for some reason Keith said, "Ms. Hudson, Destiny  is your biggest  fan.’’ She said, "Really." I said, "Yes" and she put her face by my face.  Then she asked me, "Can you sing?" I said, "I don’t know, I never asked anyone's opinion".  So we took more pictures and before she left I asked her if I could take a picture with just her and me. But everyone else got in the picture. Then I thought to myself, "That’s OK, save the biggest fan for last!!" When everyone finished taking pictures with her, she said "Where is baby girl?" That’s me by the way. I said, "Right here!" And then she said I'm sorry you didn’t go first. And I said, " It’s ok". Then, right when we were about to take the picture, Keith said, "Can I take the picture with you too?" I am not going to lie. I looked at him like he was crazy. Jennifer said, "Say no. This is your picture". But I didn’t want to be mean so I said "Yes you can take the picture with me.’’

Everybody said, "WOW". Before we left, she started signing autographs. I wanted her to sign the story I wrote about her. Then she gave me a big hug and we left. As we were leaving, I couldn’t take the smile off my face. It was so beautiful. I was amazed and couldn’t believe that I, out of all people, got to meet the fabulous Jennifer Hudson. When we finally got back, everyone was dying to ask me what was it like to meet Jennifer Hudson. That was so awesome.

Destiny Wright is ten years old and in the fifth grade at Friendship Southeast Academy.