Darker Than Black is a Great Show


Darker Than Black is a great show that you should watch if you like fighting and people with super powers. There are good and bad characters in the show. Imagine contractors (super human killers) all over Japan fighting anywhere without regard to the police—no rules, no help, no limits to the fight. Contractors have all sorts of powers like gravity shifting, flight and the ability to control the flow of electricity. And they are also able to make black holes, control ice and much, much more. Lets talk more about contractors and their powers. Contractors gained powers regular humans didn’t have when Heaven’s Gate and Hell’s Gate appeared 7 years after an explosion in South America. The down side to contractors’ powers is that every power has a price.

Second thing you should know about is a doll. People in the show turn into contractors when it is impossible to become a doll. A doll is a emotionless person who mimics a human. They use observer spirits to know where the people they are looking for are or to observe.

The third thing you should know is that the sky on this anime is not the real sky anymore. The real stars disappeared when the contractors appeared.

The story is centered around Hei, the assassin who also works on a team within the syndicate. Hei’s little sister died when he was a kid. Hei fused with his sister after her death. I want to tell about power of Hei and characters. Hei’s power is to control the flow of electricity. Hei is one of the best fighters on the show. He never failed a mission.

The next main character is the doll named Yin. Yin is the person on the team who finds the team’s targets. She is a big asset on the team. The next character on the team is another contractor named Mao. His one ability is to exchange his body with animals. The last character is a contractor-hating human named Huang. He was with the syndicate the longest. He delivers the information to the rest of the team. Without him, the team would be rouge just like all the other contractors and dolls.

These are the sites you can go to find this great show: anime44.com, netflix.com, animefreak.com, animeultima.com, anime-sub.com, hulu.com, animecrazy.com and much more. In my opinion Darker Than Black is awesome. That’s all I can tell you about this great show. I hope you watch it and enjoy.

DeVonte Wood is an 8th grade writer at Blow Pierce Junior Academy.