The Great Newseum


My trip to the Newseum was great. It had lots of fun things to do. First, we went to the cafe to get a snack and the food was great. Then we went to see a 4-D movie. 4-D is the next dimension in movies. It is a lot better than watching a 3-D movie because the movie felt like we were actually in the screen. In 3-D you won’t feel that much action. But in 4d you feel a lot of action. The chairs move to make you feel like something in the movie is there next to you. The movie made me feel like I was the person talking to the people on the screen. The movie was about the history of news. When the movie was over, we went to the next exhibit. The exhibits were fun to look at. One of the better exhibits to me showed the devastating Hurricane Katrina and the tragedy it caused. The exhibit with news was very big. One of the best things about the Newseum is the sky deck. The sky deck showed a view of Washington DC and a view of the capital. One of us almost got lost. Then we went to the area where

Some elevators in the Newseum were made of glass. It surprised me a lot and I could see everyone else outside. we could make a video and be a weather forecaster.

I recommend going. Last thing I have to say about the Newsuem is that it is a place of wonder and amazement. You will like it because it is a grand place with lots of exhibits that you may find very interesting.

John Wood is an 11-year-old 5th grader at Blow Pierce Academy.