Thinking Out Loud


I honestly believe that middle school and junior high kids are divided into five “F's”. Famous, Fabulous, Fakers, For Reals, and Forevers. I would say Freaks, but that not what they are. They are indifferent.Who doesn't know what a Faker is. I mean, when you become a Faker, you might not notice. Okay, let's put it this way. Everyone's heard the story of Snow White. Well, the apple is like the Faker who looks good and seems like your best friend, but just like in the story, when Snow White ate the apple, she died. I'm not saying that your gonna die. I'm just saying that Fakers are major back stabbers. So I hope you choose who you become wisely. Famous are kids who everyone knows—like most 8th graders. Famous kids are most popular the people in the school. You might not know them, but you just know their names. Now, Fabulous is completely different from Famous. Fabulous is the opposite. You know them by look, not by name. Most of them are fashion icons. Then there are the For Reals. These are the people who will be honest with you no matter what the insinuation is. But sometimes they can be too honest and end up hurting your feelings Last, but not least are Forevers. You can never forget the forever people. They will always be in you memory. What I'm basically saying is that when you go to middle school and junior high, you're gonna meet people who will have different personalities. So brace yourself for the impact with the Fakers,the Forevers,the For Reals,the Fabulous and Famous.

Skye Webster is 13 and in the 7th grade at Blow Pierce Junior Academy.