Chamberlain Champions Win First Game of the Season



Hey, have you ever been to Watkins football field around 4:30? Well those young black men are the 2013 Chamberlain Champions football team. They are the best team in their division. The team’s line up are Chris Davis, Kenny Tyree, Larah Thompson, Anthony Turner, Darius Jackson, Sequan Peay, Saiquan, Nate, Anloo, Jaylil, Phil, Marqiese, Qwanzi and Larry. “ We defeated the Woodridge Eagles 32-8 the first game of the season,” said Anthony Turner.

Each week we will have  games against another school. The first game we played we already suspected we were going to win because we have great players and a great coach. It’s fun to run and catch the ball. If one of us messes up, we encourage everyone to do better and to work harder.  

Kenny plays both sides of the ball. He is fast and can catch the ball well. He may be the best receiver on the team. He is a leader and a field general. What made him interested in football? His dad used to coach football at Cardoza High School. His father always taught him jukes and moves. Then Kenny told him he wanted to play football.

Larah plays quarterback and cornerback. He has a total of 15 touchdowns. On offense he may be the reason why we score sometimes. Chris Davis and Kenny Tyree are like Megatron when they get the ball. Darius Jackson is the best running back. Then Larah is a pocket passer and a scrambler.

We have a great football team at Chamberlain this year! Mr Johnson is our offensive and defensive coach. I like the way he controls  the defense and helps us when we do bad in any game. “We have lots of fun because of the plays and scoring on the field” said Sequan Peay.

Kenny Tyree, Larah Thompson and James Thorne are 8th grade students at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.