The 2013 Chamberlain Volleyball Team

chamberlain volleyball team.png


Hey, did you ever see the volleyball team practicing in the gym? Well those young ladies are the 2013 Chamberlain volleyball team. They are so good, that they can blow you away. Everyday the girls are ready for practice and ready to learn something new. I got interested in volleyball when my older cousin played and I saw her having fun.

Every Monday and Wednesday we have a game against other schools. The first time we played against other schools I was scared but, now it’s fun. It’s fun to try to get the ball back over and we are sometimes scared. But we are are still ready to play and we play hard. If we lose a game we help each other try harder and we never give up.

These girls don’t fight at all. We are helpful and kind to each other. I bet we are this way because of our wonderful coaches Miss Valdez and Miss Scranton. If it was not for our coaches, volleyball would not be at Chamberlain right now. Our coaches are teaching us to talk to each other during the game. It’s not like talking about whatever, its yelling out who got the ball.

I interviewed my best friend and teammate Victoria (the 2013-14 captain of the volleyball team). Here are the questions I asked her and her answers:

Alexis: Why do you like volleyball?

Victoria: Because its fun and not a lot of black females play it.

Alexis: Do you like playing volleyball games and why?

Victoria:Yes because I am an athlete and sports is my life.

Alexis: Why did you do volleyball again this year?

Victoria: Because its fun and I'm the team captain and can’t let my team down.

One of my favorite sports is volleyball because its fun and great and sometimes it helps me focus in school. You should really sign up for volleyball because you would like the people. It’s a good way to stay healthy and I bet you could get the hang of it.

Alexis Olszewski and Gabrielle Stewart are 8th grade students at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.