A Sweet Dessert



The holidays are a time that everyone gets that sweet tooth. It really should be called cavity season rather than holiday season.  I mean you’ve got cheesecake, apple pie, peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, carrot cakes, pumpkin pie, fudge brownies, gingerbread cookies, lemon meringue pie, and you name it. But for many, especially kids, a real sweet doesn’t have to be any of those things and neither ice-cream. It's a treat called soft serve fruit. You could say that it's having its moment in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. There are so many new yogurt and soft serve fruit places popping up on the scene. Soft serve fruit is exactly what it sounds like, frozen fruit that is pureed until it reaches the level of soft serve ice cream. That's it. Yet it's a big deal.

Fruit flavors to die for include: bananas, mangos, apples, and strawberries for a delicious treat. On a Saturday, it’s very simple to make, all you need is a splash of water or juice, a bag of frozen fruit, and a few minutes in a food processor or blender. Afterwards, you’ll be licking and puckering your lips and begging for more on an ice cream cone. This new craze is also a healthy dessert that is so appealing for adults who are always watching their weight, and deciding on a health kick to start the year or even a new year’s resolution. Nevertheless, a sweet treat that is so healthy and undeniably dessert-like might be what makes lines in small shops nowadays so appealing and worthwhile. For example, take Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Company in Alexandra, Virginia. This place was popular for their creamy ice cream, but now, people are asking for soft serve fruit. Other places include Soft Serve Fruit Company, and also the very popular Chloe’s Soft Serve located in New York.

Everybody knows that this holiday season is all about enjoying family and friends, and filling your tummy with major treats. However, with balance and moderation, everyone can enjoy the holidays the healthy way by choosing fresh fruit as a sweet substitute for candy, pies, and cakes. Also, the entire house will feel much better. I think this winter break is a good time to stop by some of the new soft serve fruit places to avoid a lot of sugary desserts this holiday. So, besides a healthy sweet treat, the entire family can exercise together by singing and dancing to their favorite holiday music. Cheers to the holidays!

Maniyha Miller is an 8th Grader at FPCS-Woodridge Campus