Lethal Turkey Fires

Lethal Turkey Fires.png


DEC. 20, 2013.  Deep frying a turkey is becoming more and more common. But, there are hazards that come along with using a turkey fryer. Over 1,000 fires a year are blamed on turkey fryers. These fires are caused mostly by either overfilling the kettle with oil or using a frozen turkey because mixing hot oil and water causes the oil to overflow. Turkey fires create damages that add up to an estimated $15 million yearly.

It is highly recommended that before you place the turkey inside of the fryer, you add the cooking oil and turn on the fryer because it can cause a boil over which is one of the main causes of turkey fires. I advise people to do everything possible and proceed with caution to prevent a fire because people have been hurt, some killed. It is never okay to leave the frying turkey unattended. It is important to set up the turkey fryers as far away from the home as possible, so in case a fire does break out then the house will not be in danger. People should use potholders and oven mitts when handling the turkey and remember that the oil will remain hot for hours. Also keep all children and pets away from the fryer and keep the fryer on flat ground.

Trayona Lawrence is an 11th grade student at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.