LIKE WATER AND OIL: We Just Don’t Mix Should boys and girls be in the same class?

Like Water and Oil.jpg


DEC. 18, 2013.  Isn’t there always that group of inappropriate boys in a classroom somewhere in America? That distracting want-to-be class clown. A boy who just feels like messing with you because he just thinks he can, and you’re just stuck there thinking, “Why am I even in the same vicinity with this idiot”? Maybe we should have segregated gender classes. Well, DUHHH!  We totally should have separate classes especially for core subjects such as reading, math, science, or even history. This way, everyone can come out on top by getting the most out of their education and making the grade.

Many times there seems to be a problem with focusing from both parties, and the constant vexation of sounds, drumming, joking, and just the yearning for attention that is not taking place at home. When it comes to reading, girls usually enjoy diving right into a book and having an intellectual discussion about the story’s plot and themes. On the other hand, sometimes you really don’t get that from the male students. I mean are they really present? Or just caught up in trance thinking about video games and being cool. Half the time they are not participating, yet causing distractions. Nevertheless, when it comes to a group project or presentation, all of a sudden, John, Bob, and Ricky come running needing assistance of some sort.

Don’t get me wrong, males and females can benefit a lot from learning from one another, however, when it comes to getting the most out of a particular subject, it’s like water and oil. It just doesn’t mix too well.

Boys can be very distracting towards a scholar’s education and I am NOT the only one alone in this boat! To prove my point a site called says “...separation allows for a tailored instruction and cuts down on gender-driven distractions”. Don’t you agree? Well, that’s just a matter of opinion. All I want to know is what do you think?

Story by DaiShawn Battle 8th Graders FPCS Woodridge Campus