Winter Wonderland: Vacation Getaway Visit Japan

Winter Wonderland_Brianna Wiggins.jpg


DEC. 18, 2013.  No ideas where to travel this winter? Want to go somewhere new, experience something else? There is an entire world for you to explore! Well, I already know where I want to go. Japan! This time of the year, depending on where you want to go, Japan is an ideal place to visit, and here is why:

The scenery and sights in Japan all sound amazing to me. Because of the amount of snowfall, it makes conditions incredible for skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding. Besides while visiting during the holidays, a special treat is the worldwide Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido such a wonderful sight to see. Also, The Niigata Prefecture town of Tokamachi is famous for artistic snow sculptures throughout the town.

In this winter wonderland, events and outstanding views draw tourists in during even the warmer months. In addition, one of my favorite television show genres is Anime. Anime is usually a fantasy that is hand-drawn or computer animated. Well, Japan is precisely where it comes from! I’d love to see how Anime is made, the entire process. If I’m lucky, I can convince a few creators to continue a few shows. This is just one way of how you could spend your time in the country of Japan.

It would be nice to find a wonderful Japanese buffet and be a risk-taker and try some new foods. Hey, maybe grilled squid won’t be so bad and possibly a bit chewy. There’s also a variety of Japanese dishes and not just sushi either. Chopsticks can’t be that hard to master when eating soba right?

So, my ideal visit to any country would definitely be Japan. Although there is a whole world out there to explore, I would rather see Japan first. There’s no better time like the present to see how it looks today- as a winter palace. Sayanora!

Brianna Wiggins is a 7th Grade student at FPCS-Woodridge Academy