Santa’s got a New Ride



DEC. 18, 2013. Thinking about the perfect gift for a young man who does everything he is supposed to do in school, around the house, and respectful to adults. Well, for girls it’s very simple, perfume, nail polish, and clothes. Boys on the other hand, boys are into something hotter and faster, and not difficult to please. I’m talking about a motorcycle or rather a DIRTBIKE to cruise around town in. Zmmm Zmmm!

I know parents think that teenage boys are enticed by cool images of motorcycles. They have all seen their favorite entertainers riding in the wind going hundreds of miles an hour on the highway wearing faded jeans, a leather jacket, and dark sunglasses. But, is it safe? I know this is the question on every parents mind. Even experts say that the most accidents involving motorcycles are with teenagers.

However, I think differently. Most boys love designer clothes and electronics, but many guys today are totally into dirt bikes. This season everyone is fascinated with the tricks that can be done on the streets and having fun riding in a large group with friends.  Bikes don’t have to be dangerous unless you’re being reckless and showing off.  The number one safety tip is to always wear a helmet and the proper gear and you should be fine. All of my life I’ve rode dirt bikes and watched my family and have never fallen off or got injured in any way. Therefore, bikes are safe and a ton of fun.

December is the perfect time of the year to get a top notch bike for a great price. The top five bikes are the K.T.M., Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. These bikes usually run anywhere from $1950 to $4,000 on any given day. But the good news is these bikes can be purchased on for less than $600-$1800. Therefore, don’t be afraid or sweat the money when it comes to giving the perfect gift that will be cherished for years to come. It’s a simple solution that will save countless hours and energy walking around some mall purchasing things that will be returned in January.

Jaylin Jerry is a 7th Grader at FPCS-Woodridge Campus