How Do Teachers Do Their Jobs?



MARCH 19, 2013.  Teachers are people who teach in a school.  They teach students even when they don’t want to learn.  They stay after school to teach students when they need extra help.

When I was in class, I wondered how teachers did their job? So I went around on Dec 5, 2012 asking two teachers how they do and feel about their job. The first teacher I asked was Ms. Lewis, a 4th grade math teacher.  Ms. Lewis told me the way she does her job is to teach the kids that enjoy learning new things and also  Ms. Lewis said, “I feel great when I see the smiles on the students’ face when they get the lesson.”

Next, I asked Ms. Piccoli , a 5th grade math teacher. “Who or what inspired you to teach kids?” Ms. Piccoli responded that “My 3rd grade teacher inspired me to teach.”

The last question I asked Ms. Lewis and  Ms. Piccoli was, “How do you do your job?”     

Ms. Lewis and Ms. Picolli answered,  “Encourage the kids who want to learn the lesson.” And that’s how teachers do their job.

Phylicity Brown is a 5th grade student at Friendship Southeast Academy.