Lady With A Loud Voice

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April 14, 2013.  Marian Anderson was a great person. She had some flaws but that just made her greater.  She was an African American opera singer.  To me Marian’s life span was groundbreaking for music and her life was long.  Ms. Anderson lived from 1897 to 1993 during segregation. Even though she sang at the Lincoln Memorial she didn’t live in Washington, DC. She was actually born in Philadelphia on February 27, 1897.  When she died people remembered her for her hard work and courage.  I remember her because she was an African American opera singer who achieved many great things. She toured Europe for sixteen years. Ms. Anderson was awarded the United Nations Peace Prize.  She had a great crisis in her family because her father died, but she still went on in her career. She also sang at the Lincoln Memorial. She sang at the Lincoln Memorial because she wanted to sing in Washington,DC. But she was not allowed to sing anywhere including the Lincoln Memorial. When Eleanor Roosevelt heard this, she quit the DAR and helped Marian Anderson.

Because of all of those reasons, a postage stamp was made in her honor. Some people become an opera singer for the money but I think Marian Anderson became an opera singer because many people don’t live long enough to do their dream job. But Marian Anderson did it as soon as she could.  Some people say that they want to be a great person when they grow up.  I would like to be someone like Marian Anderson.

Mackenzie Walden-Taylor is a 4th grade student at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.
Photo: Google Images.