The Life of Jacqueline Uy



MAY 2, 2013. When Ms. Montalvo and Dr. Uy invited me to their office, I found out that it was fun. So I kept coming back. It was fun because we got on the computers and we ate lunch together. I think they are nice because they just don’t spend time with people their age. Dr. Uy is interesting because she knows more than what you think because she has a doctorate. I know that a doctorate is a type of advanced college degree.  She went to college more than one time, she is a fun person, she makes me laugh, she knows what I like and she gives me lead pencils.

Jacqueline Uy was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her mom’s name is Rosita Uy and her dad’s name is Bernardo. She was born June 13. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She went to college and got her doctorate. She lives in Maryland. She works at Friendship Southeast Academy. She is an Assessment Coordinator and Reading Intervention Specialist. If you didn’t know it, Dr. Uy was a kindergarten teacher. She has been working at Friendship Southeast over a year. In fact she has been working there for 2 years. Her intervention helper is Stephanie Montalvo. 

Sean Beach is a 4th grade student at Friendship Southeast Academy.